About Us

About Us


Global alliance of Community Forestry established in 2004, is a loose network of community based organization formalized by community networks and federations become around the world with the aim of creating a common ground to meet the necessities, interest and experience of the stake holders' representing forest communities for securing community rights to forests at the international, regional, national and local levels. It always steps in demonstrating the importance and contribution of community forestry to protect the environment and enlist the livelihood of communities.

GACF holds the membership of 11 regional organizations throughout the world which in turn have affiliations of many local organizations within one region. It's member manage about 9 million hectares of community forests and represent more than 12 million people who depend directly on forest products and community forest incomes. GACF provides a coordinating link between community forestry organizations in order to have a common voice and strong presence in international and regional forums on issues of interest to their members.


Pro-People forest policy, practices to advance good and sustainably managed forest management, ensuring improved livelihoods leading to health and wealth of forest dependent communities.


Empower autonomous federations at global, regional, national and local levels which have ability to ensure rights of local people to access and control the natural resources. Local communities and user groups capable of driving change in the direction of sustainability, good governance, self-reliance, gender equity and democratization of natural resource management.

Promotion of enabling and inclusive environment where stakeholders take part in policy formulation process. Poverty reduction through sustainable forest management and community- based forest.


Overall objective is to build a political and community process that will be able to present and defend a concerted position on community management of natural resources, to international, national and regional organizations and institutions related to environmental and social issues.     



29 June
Asia Regional Workshop and Study Tour on Community Forestry Rights and Strengthening Forest Users Associations
21 March
International Day of Forest
09 March
Conference on Family Forestry Owners