"Advancing Locally Controlled Forestry Activities in 2010"

Friday 13th of March 2015

The urge to explore the ground - based knowledge at all levels including local, regional, national and international level as well as most importantly to enrich the communication between member organization, GACF ran the project on Advancing Locally Controlled Forestry Activities in 2010 with support from Growing Forestry Partnership (GFP), IUCN. With implementation of this project, GACF has been able to combine the global voice on the issues of community forestry through continuous share and exchange of information among the stakeholders and right holders of forestry sector. Moreover, GACF has been able to take the local voice to the global level and bring in the global voice to the knowledge of local people to enhance the Locally Controlled Forestry (LCF).


The objectives of G3 and their collaboration, and shared by GACF, are

  • Cooperation and coordination within the Group in order to
    • Strengthen our common messages
    • Increase the influence and effectiveness of each Alliance and its members
  • Promote the G3 and our participation in policy making processes
  • Recognition and respect for the forest and land rights of indigenous, tribal people, communities and family forest owners
  • Support for organising and organisations of rights holders
  • Sharing of knowledge and best practices
  • Access to markets and the right to economic utilisation of the forest resources
  • Promote sustainable forest management and locally controlled forestry
    • Promote the benefits of how the G3 members sustain ably manage the forest
  • World wide solidarity between indigenous, tribal people, communities and forest owner families – and our associations




29 June
Asia Regional Workshop and Study Tour on Community Forestry Rights and Strengthening Forest Users Associations
21 March
International Day of Forest
09 March
Conference on Family Forestry Owners