“Scaling up the voices of local communities at regional and global level”

Tuesday 24th of March 2015

 GACF has launched its new program under Forest and Farm Facility entitled Scaling up the voices of local communities at regional and global levelto  raise the voices of different local alliances and networks of community, locally-controlled forest owners and managers at national and international levels to shape policies and decision-making process from January 2015.

The following outputs are expected to gain from the project.

  • Voices of local communities and member will be raised in global agenda-setting and dialogues specifically UNFCCC Peru, regarding the challenges and issues that the forest associations and federations are facing and their recommendations will be collected for action.
  • Networks of community, locally – controlled forestry associations to enhance and expand their involvement in decision making process and policy formulation will be strengthened.
  • Better communication among the networks and alliances of communities and forest owner families and between the G3 alliances will be built.

To achieve these outcomes the project will accomplish following activites

  • Participation of the right holders in UN events as well as other international policy formulation meetings, to raise the issues and challenges faced by community peoples regarding community forestry and opportunities for positive change.
  • Adding voices on the social networking sites and updating websites with the major content and focus and sharing it to the member of alliances.
  • Participating in G3 planning meetings to facilitate the networking among local forest farmers, creating a single platform called “the alliance of community forestry” and deepening and expanding membership.
  • Organizing a series of meetings, especially an Asia regional meeting of Community forestry networks, according to a pre-announced schedule (through electronic devices like Skype) of members from all alliances to identify and sort out the difficulties faced during strengthening the networks.



29 June
Asia Regional Workshop and Study Tour on Community Forestry Rights and Strengthening Forest Users Associations
21 March
International Day of Forest
09 March
Conference on Family Forestry Owners