Participation of forest and farm producers organization from Nepal in WFC 2015

Sunday 6th of September 2015

6, September, 2015

The World Forestry Congress is going to be held from 7 September 2015 in South Africa Durban. In this very event, a huge participation of Nepalese delegates have been seen. Forestry associations like Federation of Community Forestry User Nepal (FECOFUN), Association of Family Forestry Owners, Nepal (AFFON) and Global network called Global Alliance of Community Forestry (GACF) has registered for the booth to display the posters, broshures and pictures highlightimg the community forestry users right.

The declaration which came from Manila, Phillipines- Forestry Association  Workshop is going to be disseminated among right hoders, demanding the rights of forest dependent people. The details of booth holded by these networks has been given below.

Booth 1:  8th September

Country/organization: GACF and FECOFUN

Contact name: Ghanshyam Pandey


Type of presence:Sharing the Declaration on Strengthening Forest Users Associations and Securing Community Forestry Rights 

Booth 2- 9th September     

Country/organization: FECOFUN and AFFON

Contact name: Bharati Pathak/Jog Raj Giri

Email address:

Type of presence:Voices of  Community Forest and Family Forest Owners to the Global    

Booth 3: 10 September

Organization: GACF, FECOFUN

Contact person: Ganesh Karki/Ghanshyam Pandey

Email address:

Type of presence:Developing Strategy for Strengthening GACF networking




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